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Download and Play Candy Crush Saga for PCs

Download and Play Candy Crush Saga for PCs

Candy Crush Saga game was created as a facebook app in 2012. It became so popular on facebook that King (the developer of this app) launched it for smartphones later in November 2012. As the days passed, its popularity goes on increasing and in March 2013 it defeated the FarmVille (by Zynga) in terms of popularity. Now a days, this is the most popular app being played across the world. A monthly average of 45.6 million users play Candy Crush Saga on their pc by using facebook. To boost up the popularity of the game, Candy Crush Saga was also introduced for Android, windows phone, iphone, tabletpc etc. This is the misfortune of King that they missed an opportunity. They never launched Candy Crush Saga for pc’s and missed a large counting of audience that could have increased the popularity of this game. But our visitors, not to worry as we have made Candy Crush Saga on your PC. The process will be similar to what we do for Subway Surfers for PC as well.

How to Play Candy Crush Saga

The game Candy Crush Saga is not a new one or even any new concept. This game is based on the popular match three of the same kind of principle similar to what BeJeweled did for so many years. Here, the only new thing is that every level has a different shape for the game board. In some levels, the size of largest board becomes 9 rows by 9 columns which is the maximum size. It can’t reach more than it. As the expectations of the users there are candies in each level. There are hinders also in the level that make the game play challenging and intellectually stimulating. The idea is very similar to Bejewelled where you exchange the positions of two candies in one move to align more than two candies of the same color, which lastly will disappear and for each such disappearing you will get the points.

You are given a limited number of rows and you have to finish the objective or mission of a level before you run out of moves. In the game, six different types of candies are there namely Orange (lozenge), Yellow (Lemon Drop), Red (Jelly Bean), Blue (lollipop Head),Green (Square0) and Purple (Cluster). Supposing that you are already aware with the game we shall proceed to the next one, tutorial to download it on a pc.

Candy Crush Saga for PC

The tutorial is same as we did for other android based apps such as WeChat for PC. We request you to follow the listed steps in order.

  1. By clicking here, download an advanced android simulator from their site.
  2. If you have download the emulator, then you need to install it and then run it. It will take your several precious minutes. So, dear users please keep patience.
  3. Once you reach on  the home screen of bluestacks, type “Candy Crush Saga Free” on the search button. Now you can see various app stores for this game and it will send you a set of results with those app stores that have a  version of Candy Crush Saga.
  4. Click on your desired  store, if you have a preference. If you don’t prefer any specific store, just click on any one of them.
  5. Downloading for Candy Crush Saga for PC will start, and in the last  after downloading it installation will quickly begin.
  6. If once the downloading has been finished, then you can see Candy Crush Saga on your PC and play the game without any difficulty.

If you are facing a problem at any of the above step, remember that we answer to your comments regularly. You can leave a comment in the comment box and we will answer it for you and we will help you.

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  1. I can’t install blueStacks “Error 1706. No Valid source could be found for product Ms OFFICE 2000 Professionnal. the Windows installer cannot continue ”

    My OS window 7 and MS office 2007


  2. I would like to download

  3. I want to download game candy crush saga

  4. my laptop cant open the bluestack, its stauck at loading………and its appear blank…im using window7 ultimate.its there any other way to install this game.i love it so android(galaxy chat) do not compatible with this< i am very glad if u can help me to solve my problem. thank you very much.

  5. i did all the steps, but it dose’t open, it keeps telling me (the network is experiencing some problem, please retry or cancel), what should i do??

  6. I can not install bluestacks. the installer is giving an application error. it says:
    “the application failed to initialize properly”
    plz guide me about this.

  7. Worked a treat, thank you :)

  8. i cant install the blue stacks as it requires a bigger RAM.
    is there is any other way

  9. After downloading bluestacks it says that, The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Help please windows xp prof ver 2002

  10. I am getting this error error 25000 :-(

  11. is this software can be use while offline? i mean not connected to internet?

  12. I have install bluestack.. now I type a candy crush saga on search field but for a longer time it always seen searching.. I m not able to download game… please help me

  13. hi i have installed bluestacks on my laptop and it was installed correctly. problem is when i try to install a candy crush app or other app, it says error like about market recipe and i cant download any apps. i cant even finish the 1 click sync.

  14. i can’t install apps on bluestacks, only asking market recipe

  15. I have installed blue stacks in my computer but when i run it ,it says installation failed— this application requires at least 2gb physical memory,please guide me.

  16. i cannot download the bluestack app it says my laptop is there anyway i can down candy crush saga in another way

  17. I Have WINDOWS 8 pc.
    There are many free and paid apps on MARKET of windows 8
    Is candy crush saga available on market???????
    IS IT FREE??????
    Can i run it on my pc?????

  18. how to connect candy crush saga in bluestacks for my pc

  19. hi ! i have installed bluestacks on my laptop and it was installed correctly. problem is when i try to install a candy crush app or other app, it says error like about market recipe and i cant download any apps.

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