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Viber for PC for Free Phone Calls on Windows 7

Viber for PC for Free Phone Calls on Windows 7

viber for pc app is now eligible to make free phone calls from Viber to Viber. One can make free phone calls and video calls from Viber to Viber without paying a single cent. One can also receive free phone calls from Viber to Viber. You can also make group audio chatting from Viber to Viber. It was not possible to install Viber on PC not so long ago. But we try our best and we became successful, our method even beats the official Viber method. It is the result of our efforts that you can use Viber on your PC. We always help our users. Now, they have asked us to prepare tutorial for Viber for PC. Now you can install Viber on your PC by follow the tutorial given below.

Viber for PC setup

  1. First of all, you are required to have the backup software installed on your PC and you do not need to go anywhere for its installation. You can download it from here.
  2. The second step is to download the latest version of Bluestacks. You need to download it from their website.
  3. Eventually, you are required to install Viber on Bluestacks but lucky for us, now Bluestacks has Viber in built. You should be able to get it. If your version of Viber doesn’t work properly, then in such a situation you might need to upgrade it. Tell us if you are running into that issue and we will help you to update your Viber version.

How do you install Viber on Windows?

I tried to install Viber on a loaded windows machine with the following:

  • P9800 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 4 GB Ram
  • GT480 NVidia Graphics Card
  • Windows seven running on a Bootcamp (Bootcamp is a way to run windows on your Mac)

In this whole setup, graphics card is the main kicker on which I believe. There are two graphics card in My Macbook Pro and we are using one of them right now, 9600 M NVidia GeForce GT, is a powerful beast with 32 Cuda cores in it for programming. Anyways, you should be fine then if you have an ATI graphics card with a decent RAM support.

Although, as you might have read our tutorials on WeChat for PC and Subway Surfers for PC, you are aware of the requirements by the Android emulator, we still believe you have found a fix for your issues by now. Installation from Bluestacks might result in an error, as it did with us but if you go to the folder where the installation file is downloaded it will work perfectly from there.

When you start Viber for PC for the first time, it may crash also. If it again crash it, then uninstall the program at the right time and reinstall it from the link given in the last of our website. If you are having any problem with setup of Viber for PC just leave a comment and we will answer it very quick and solve your problem. If nothing seem to work, try following our Viber for laptop method and see if that works for you.

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Mukesh Agarwal is a tech-savvy blogger and a green energy enthusiast. He works with Android apps and complex VoIP system setups. You can find his VoIP related ramblings at He is living in hope to see a global telephone system that removes the need of a local carrier and thus turn the entire world in a small global village. Oh, and he does like kittens.

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